Pure Collagen Skincare by Ujene Switzerland

Ujène Switzerland Launches Puriste Collagen Skincare Line

the collagen - Anti-aging natual skin care brand Ujène Switzerland has launched a brand new skincare range, Puriste Collagen. The range of products feature a main active, 99% pure triple-helix collagen, as well as numerous pharmaceutical grade ingredients which soak into skin instantly to aid restore the youthful appearance and texture of skin.

April 25, 2012 -- Formulated generating in Switzerland, anti-aging natual skin care brand Ujène Switzerland has launched a new range of products, marketed as Puriste Collagen.

The breakthrough ingredient is OviluxeTM, a 99% purest grade, highest quality, triple-helix collagen extracted from BSE-free sheepskin. Unlike the widely used hydrolyzed collagen, whose structure is broken down by hydrolysis, the complete triple-helix collagen structure of OviluxeTM acts just like a moisture-magnet, attracting and locking in vast amounts of moisture to plump up and hydrate deep within the epidermis for baby soft skin. Qualified dermatologists tested and demonstrated efficacy of improved hydration and classified the ability of OviluxeTM as a “very good moisturiser”.

The star product, Puriste Collagen Serum, was formulated with 10% of OviluxeTM for optimum efficacy and instant absorption into skin. “OviluxeTM is biocompatible and cell-adhesive. The Puriste Collagen Serum not merely hydrates skin but effectively restores the youthful bounce and texture of skin,” said Dr David Capes, managing director of the brand. “OviluxeTM is probably the most superior kind of collagen in today’s topical natual skin care market,” Dr Capes added.

The Puriste Collagen range also features the afternoon Cream and Night Cream. Light and soft, the afternoon Cream absorbs ab muscles instant it is applied onto skin, leaving your skin to feel velvety-smooth. Along with OviluxeTM, the Day Cream also includes AldeluxeTM, a proprietary ingredient clinically proven to boost Collagen III production by as much as 300% in just 7 days.

For additional intense pampering of skin, the Puriste Collagen Night Cream delivers not only 10% OviluxeTM, but also TryluxeTM, a proprietary cocktail of active peptides and proteins that acts about the 3 stages of collagen lifecyle - synthesis, production, degradation and is clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth as much as 1/3 in just a month. The night time Cream also contains retinol and retinyl palmitate to lessen fine lines, wrinkles and refine skin’s texture. Both Night and day creams contain hyaluronic acid and various vitamins for additional moisturizing, anti-oxidant and repair benefits.

the collagen - All items are free from phthalates, parabens, formaldehydes, propylene glycol, PEGs, volatile alcohols, mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin wax, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrance, essential oils and animal testing.

Ujène’s natual skin care creations are hypoallergenic and depending on the commitment to naturally potent skin solutions. Inspired from the Swiss heritage of employing only the finest, purest ingredients, Ujène continues to be called “a true breakthrough in the skincare industry.”

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